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From Grand Rapids to Hershey!


Wow! What a great weekend of performances at Circle Theatre! Next up for me is the King Of The Wing event at the B.O.B. on April 26th. I'm looking forward to jamming with some friends in our band THE PROHIBITIONISTS! We'll be covering top 40 songs and will be chowing down on some Wings. Join us if you can! Tickets are $10 at the door. On Monday April 28 I'll hit the stage for the last time in Grand Rapids (at least for now!) as a guest performer in a one night only concert by Robert McFletcher: God I Hope I Get It! Robert is a close friend and a truly amazing performer! He'll be leaving soon for a professional theatre, so make sure you catch him now! Here are the event details:

WHAT'S UP NEXT - Hershey!

Speaking of leaving soon, I leave for Hershey, Pennsylvania on May 11 for my first professional gig! I'll be there through the end of August and after that, who knows! If you are planning a family vacation anytime this summer, consider coming to visit me at Hershey Park. I'll be in a new show called Livewire! by Matt Davenport Productions. Plus, there are a ton of awesome roller coaster rides...And who doesn't like a good rollercoaster??


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