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So, I started a vlog...

Over the past year, I've had a lot of conversations with actors who are new to New York City, many of whom are fresh out of college. The most common thread among these conversations is a feeling of being overwhelmed. Overwhelmed at how to navigate the city, both navigationally and professionally. Overwhelmed that their college programs didn't prepare them for the grueling task of auditioning all the time. Overwhelmed that there are all these rules to auditioning, both spoken and unspoken, that they have to learn all of a sudden, and there isn't really a resource out there that adequately explains everything.

So I decided to start a vlog in an attempt to answer all of those questions, and maybe make the city just a little less daunting. It's called the Aspiring Actor's Guide to NYC, and it can be found here:

So if you know any aspiring actors who are thinking of moving to the city, maybe send them my way!

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