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The 3-month mark

Today marks the 3-month anniversary of my move to the isle of Manhattan. Since I moved here, I've been seen at over 120 auditions, found an agent, found a survival job that I love, and booked my first local equity show. I'm thrilled with the progress I have made so far and am very glad to be chasing my dreams.

That being said, it's hard being away from my heart. I miss my wife terribly, and I miss my dogs, and I miss my Michigan friends.

I'm acclimated to the city, and I feel like I'm becoming a New Yorker. I'm hitting the pavement every day and walking everywhere. If I'm not walking, I'm riding a bicycle, skateboarding, or taking the subway (obviously). The New York style of living is a lot better for my body than the patterns I had fallen into in Michigan. I've lost 15 pounds since moving here and my pants don't fit quite as tight as they once did.

I've seen some incredible theatre and gotten seen by the people that can make or break a career for me. I'm excited for what the future holds and I'm glad to be here!

I'm thinking of starting a vlog showing what life is like for an up-and-coming actor in the business. Let me know if anyone would be interested in seeing that.

Thanks for all the well-wishes everyone! I appreciate your support!


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